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Do you know the status of your network? IsItUp is a full-featured network monitoring application that continually monitors multiple network devices at specified intervals, notifying you when they go down - or come back up.

Not only does it track status, IsItUp also keeps performance statistics on each device's availability and response time. IsItUp also has both a Web and Windows User Interface making it easy to monitor your network status from any location. Download Your Free Trial Now!   As always, IsItUp provides free upgrades and free support.  
Network Monitors: Alerts and Actions:
IP Device SMS
File, Print, and Application Servers Pager
HTTP Servers Cell Phone
Email Servers Email
Tcp /Ip Ports Run a user specified program
Windows Service Restart a Windows Service
Disk Free Space
Windows Event Logs
CPU Utilization
Memory Utilization

Network Monitoring Features:
  • Full featured Windows and Web based network monitoring:
    • IP monitor
    • Email Server Monitor
    • Website Monitor
    • Tcp/Ip Port Monitor
    • Windows Service Monitor
    • Disk Free Space
    • SNMP
    • DNS
    • Windows Event Log
    • CPU Utilization
    • Memory Utilization
    • Build in Web Server provides access to IsItUp from any location
    • Easy to use "Quick Setup" wizard makes it easy to add devices and configure options
    • Runs as a Windows service and minimizes to Windows Tool Tray
  • Monitors:
    • IP (pingable) devices
    • Websites
    • LAN servers
    • Email servers
    • Windows Services
    • Disk Free Space
    • Switches
    • Routers
    • SNMP
    • DNS
    • POP3
    • SMTP
    • Windows Event Log
    • CPU Utilization
    • Memory Utilization
    • Bandwidth
    • Any number of devices, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Sophisticated HTTP and HTTPS testing includes:
    • Content check
    • Webpage checksum
    • Support for GET, POST, and HEAD
    • Support for Proxy Server
  • Unique Email Loop Test for Email servers:
    • Watch any mail system by sending email probe messages and looking for returned echoes
    • Support for POP3 and SMTP as well as MAPI email servers
  • Complete Event Log:
    • Tracks all monitor test results and errors
    • Generate your own reports using any report writer can use Microsoft Access databases
Notification Options:
  • If a failure or recovery event occurs, IsItUp will:
    • Send an Email Notification
    • Send a Pager Notification
    • Run a script or execute a program
    • Restart a Windows Service
  • Alert Options:
    • Alerts you when a device goes down
    • Alerts you when a device comes back up
    • Multiple people can receive status notifications and each person has their own rules
    • Rules allow you to specify how many times a monitor fails before alerting you
    • Customizable email alert messages
  • Dependencies
Report Options:
  • Device Summary Report
  • Detailed Device Report
  • Event Log Report
    • Event Log Report that shows you what happened and when!
    • Event Log accessible from Microsoft Access
  • HTML and Delimited output for reports
  • For each device monitor, system reports on:
    • Current status
    • Percentage of time available
    • Last failure time and date
    • Last successful test time and date
    • Average response time
    • Trace route
    • Maximum and minimum response time
IsItUp Main Window IsItUp Network Monitor The IsItUp Network Monitor allows companies of all sizes to monitor critical applications and infrastructure. A wide variety of monitor types are included such as a Ping Monitor, a Web site Monitor, a Tcp/Ip Port Monitor, a Windows Service Monitor, and an e-mail System Monitor. IsItUp also offers multiple methods of alerting you to failures. You can be alerted by pager, e-mail, or execution of a user defined program. A Windows Service can also be restarted giving you the ability not only to detect problems but also to automatically correct them. The Web site monitor provides advanced features such as check summing of pages to protect against content changes.

IsItUp Main WindowIsItUp maintains performance statistics for each device it monitors such as up time, maximum response time, minimum response time, and standard deviation. A compete event and error log is maintained so as to provides a variety of reports and graphs. The user interface is easily customizable and a set of Configuration Wizards make it easy to add devices and configure options

Create device monitors with easy to use wizards The device creation wizards provide a step by step method for creating a device monitor along with any alerts and actions. You have the option of moving through each step by pressing the next key or using the sidebar navigation to go directly to a step. Each step of the creation wizards have on screen instructions making it easy to create new devices.

Ip Monitor IP Monitor - Monitor any device that supports ping. You can specify the device address with either an IP address or a DNS name. There is also a handy option to lookup a DNS name and automatically enter it in the address field.

Web Site Monitor Web Site Monitor - Perform enhanced web site monitoring including form posting, content checking with check summing, and secure login as well as many other features. Insure that your critical websites are operational and meeting your business objectives.

Web Site Monitor Tcp/Ip Port Monitor - Monitor any Tcp/Ip port to insure that it is open for connections. This can be used to insure critical services such as Smtp Servers, Pop Servers, SQL Servers and any other service that is made available through Tcp/Ip is accesable.

IsItUp is available in several versions to meet the requirement of businesses of all sizes. Volume discounts are available. Please contact us at Contact1@TaroSoft.com

Version Description SKU # Price
Home Monitor 10 devices SKU-8 $19.95
Small Business Monitor 40 devices SKU-9 $59.95
Professional Monitor an unlimited number of devices SKU-10 $119.95
Upgrade Home to Small Business Contact us to purchase upgrades at EMail SKU-11 $40.00
Upgrade Home to Professional Contact us to purchase upgrades at EMail SKU-12 $100.00
Upgrade Small Business to Professional Contact us to purchase upgrades at EMail SKU-13 $60.00
Volume discounts Contact us for volume discounts  EMail EMail

What are customers say:

I have been running your Isitup software in Demo mode for 3 weeks. I love it! So , I purchased it today.
I just want to say that your software is clean, easy to use, setup is a breeze and you couldn’t get me to switch to Solar Winds if it was laid out in front of me! I was even impressed with the time of response when I emailed you about losing serial because my hard drive failed.

Thank You Taro Software
Alex Allen
Eyecon Solutions
Tyler Texas
You offer EXCEPTIONAL customer service. Your response time is AMAZING. Your instructions are easily understandable and THOUROUGHLY documented. You are NOT dismissive to issues, even if they may not be related to your software. And finally, your software is EXTREMELY well made, SUPURBELY functional, EXTENSIVELY customizable, INEXPENSIVE, and INVALUABLE to my Network Administrator duties.

Stuart Zellman Network Administrator
The Hoffman Group
Great software. The tech support I recieved was also great.
This was the best tech support I have ever received from any company.
Satisfied customers include Federal, State, and County Agencies, as well as numerous International Companies.